Launching soon...

Posted by Menu System on

Soon comes the time when we finally open the doors to the new web shop.
We have worked on ironing out the flaws that we found but we are sure someone will find something so hopefully we will have a 100% working web shop sometime in December, 2018.

Lots of time has gone into making it as transparent as possible when you order so you know if it is in stock or not. We are also going a different route regarding customer contact with the help of notifications so if you want the full experience we suggest that you click "Allow" when you first visit our website. We also have a live chat.

Other than that we still offer high quality arcade parts. We ONLY buy direct from the maker, we NEVER buy Sanwa and Seimitsu parts from a 3rd party so if you want to be sure to get original parts then don't worry.

Lastly, we will of course carry more items as time goes on. As soon as we see the shop working fully again without any problems we promise to present something special.

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