About Us

We have gone from loving to play arcade games back in the 80s/90s, making our own custom sticks, to selling and developing products.

A complete circle.

It all started with Capcom and SNK games, they got most of our money at the arcades as they were the most fun to play.
Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Final Fight, Sengoku, King of Fighters et.c, the memories are endless.

When you play that much in the arcades you want the same feeling at home.
You can either buy a whole cabinet or like we did build your own arcade sticks (we could not afford a big arcade cabinet at that time because cabinets were too expensive) so we built some both for personal use and for selling (this started around 2003).

The sticks started out fairly standard but were both fun and interesting to make, you learn how to build according to our own drawings and how to connect everything together. We started out using American HAPP parts because they were easy to get and had the same arcade feel we wanted to replicate.

The feeling of sitting down with your own hand made stick and playing a game with it for the first time is an awesome experience.

After a while people started to switch to Japanese parts (mainly Sanwa Denshi) and so did we.

After making some custom sticks and mods with Sanwa Denshi parts we started offering arcade parts to the gaming community
directly from Japan (this was under the name Akihabarashop.com). We started selling japanese arcade parts from the two biggest manufacturers Sanwa and Seimitsu and we offered their entire catalog with arcade goodness.
Year after year we learned more and more what the customer wanted and prefered so we thought why not try to develope some products ourselves...

...so today we also run a developing site called Akishop-Customs.com where we are constantly trying to come up with the best products possible.
There we have the infamous PS360+ pcb, among other things.

Today we go under the name Akishop.jp and Akihabarashop.jp, a web shop with direct shipping from Japan.
We continue to offer the highest quality products and services possible to the best prices available.

Welcome to the Aki Shop.